UV ECO 3 Disinfection System

Grundfos UV Eco 3 disinfection and filtration units for domestic rainwater treatment.


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  • UV irradiation is an approved method of water disinfection using age-old and proven technology
  • UV treatment inactivates bacteria, pathogens and viruses
  • No chemicals required
  • No harmful by-products or after taste and odours
  • Designed for use with clean potable water
  • Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of rain water and other water with good UV transmissibility
  • UV ECO 3-2 system includes 25 µm and 1 µm filter assemblies to clean particulate matter from the water
  • UV ECO 3-3 includes an additional 5 µm carbon filter to remove taste and odour

Additional information

Flow Rate

< 3m³/h


240V AC





Lamp Life

9000 h

Max. Pressure


Dose Rate @ Max. Flow

30,000 µW.sec/cm²(300 J/m²)


¾” BSP Threads

Primary Filter (3-2)

10” 25 µm Polyspun

Secondary Filter (3-2)

10” 1 µm Polyspun

Optional Third Filter (3-3)

10” 5 µm Carbon