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X-tremely Clever. X-tended Productivity. X-cellent Reliability. X-pert for Simplicity.

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X-tremely Clever

The new gamma/ X is the first metering pump with predictive intelligence. Thanks to its controlled solenoid drive with sensor-free pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic faults even in the case of minimal deviations – immediately and optimally matching its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium.

X-tended Productivity

With a more precise control you achieve better metering results. The new gamma/ X therefore not only detects problems – but also solves them independently. This results in longer productive periods with higher product quality and ultimately leads to higher profit margins.

X-cellent Reliability

As a controlled solenoid-driven metering pump, the new gamma/ X has an extremely low-wear drive. Together with automatic venting and the detection of incorrectly dimensioned vacuum/pressure lines, it combines maximum reliability and durability with minimum maintenance costs.

X-pert for Simplicity

Pre-select the desired mode at the touch of a button, choose a setting using the click wheel and then confirm with a simple click – metering could hardly be easier with the new gamma/ X. After all, having direct access to the most important functions means that users do not have to navigate their way through sub-menus. Intuitive and efficient control is then pretty much automatic, without having to study complex manuals.




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