CleanOxide Tablets


CleanOxide Tablets are a superior, safe & approved water sanitization solution.



CleanOxide tablets are bio-degradable hence also environmentally friendly. It is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against;

  • Algae
  • Bacteria spores
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa
  • Viruses

Applications of CleanOxide Tablets include:

  • Bathroom mould
  • Boat water tank treatment
  • Caravan water tank treatment
  • Effective odour control – Please note not suitable for ponds with fish
  • Home cleaning & sanitisation
  • Pond water treatment
  • Pool water treatment
  • Rain water tank treatment
  • Spa water treatment

Benefits of CleanOxide Tablets include:

  • CleanOxide Tablets are effective over a broad pH range (4-10).
  • CleanOxide Tablets control bacteria, fungi, viruses, biofilm and algae.
  • CleanOxide Tablets do not react with ammonia and do not produce toxic compounds in contact with organic materials present in water.
  • CleanOxide Tablets are effective at lower dose rates than chlorine or bromine.
  • CleanOxide Tablets are non-corrosive at the recommended dose rates.
  • CleanOxide Tablets will rapidly degrade to harmless inorganic chemicals when exposed to sunlight, so when tanks are severely contaminated and require flushing, no harmful chemicals are released into the environment.
  • CleanOxide Tablets do not contain free chlorine.
  • CleanOxide Tablets are so effective against biofilm because it exists in solution as a dissolved gas. The dissolved gas is able to diffuse into the biofilm where it can destroy the microorganisms responsible for the biofilm.
  • Microorganisms do not develop resistance to CleanOxide Tablets.
  • Chlorine Dioxide has been approved in Australia for the treatment of drinking water since 2005.

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