Project Description

I have a small free range pig farm in Central Queensland. Our aim is to provide high quality porcine products to our local community while ensuring our pigs live in a stress free environment. It is important to us that our pigs get to live in open paddocks grazing, wallowing, and generally being able to display their natural behaviours. Pigs are smart animals that will not drink poor quality or tainted water, so we need to maintain a high standard of water quality.

Mould and algae build-up is part and parcel of living in our climate, and one of the problems I was having is that algae would build up in the base of the pig drinkers and block the flow of water. I needed a product that would eliminate this without adversely affect my animals or leaving harmful toxins. Your product ticked all the boxes.

Initially I filled each pod and added 2 tablets, left overnight and then drained, then refilled and added a single tablet.

Ongoing Usage
1 tablet when water pod is filled (usually every few weeks)
If a pod doesn’t have a build up of algae I won’t add a tablet.

What I’ve noticed is a great reduction in algae build up, and the pigs don’t even notice it’s there.

It’s certainly cost effective; I simply buy the smaller packets and leave one in the water tanker.