It has been two years since I have done a chemical flush in our irrigation system. This being the case I wanted to give the system a good flush before it was shut down completely for winter.

I looked at several products and settled on CleanOxide 75 after it was recommended by a friend.

The product was very simple to use and gave a terrific result. I started by flushing the main and sub main lines then moved onto each individual block. A lot of dark matter was dislodged and flushed, resulting in very clean water and increased pressure in the system.

I am very happy with this product. The cost makes it excellent value for money and I would recommend CleanOxide™ 75 to anyone.

Vineyard Manager
Edwards Wines

As an owner of a vineyard/wine business for over 20 years now, it is important to have preventive maintenance schedules in place for any valuable equipment. The CleanOxide™ 75 product is an excellent value for money preventative product for my irrigations system. The results we got far exceeded any other product we have used in the past. I highly recommend this product to anyone thinking of improving their current irrigation maintenance.

Christo Edwards