Thank you for introducing us to CleanOxide. We were about to invest a large amount of money to replace our existing irrigation system which had become clogged to the point of very slow flow rates to both shower and laundry facilities as well as sprinkler systems throughout the park.

The use of CleanOxide at Bonney’s WA Water Ski Park has made a huge difference to the water supply throughout the park.

The pipes were continually becoming blocked with sludge made up of algae, iron and other bio organisms (biofilm).

We decided to take your advice and treat our holding tank with CleanOxide as a last ditch effort to gain some pressure back in our water system … we wish we had tried CleanOxide earlier.

This is how we fixed our problem:

  1. We obtained 60 litres of CleanOxide Liquid 75. Mixed the Part A and Part B together and left to stand overnight.
  2. Next morning we emptied the CleanOxide directly into the tank.
  3. After letting it mix in the tank for 30 minutes, we opened a valve at the most distand point to allow the retic lines to fill with the CleanOxide.
  4. After another 10 minutes we flushed the system again and saw a noticeable amount of the very brown water come out of the pipe and then begin to clear before our eyes.
  5. We flushed 3 other similar lines to ensure all the retic had been cleared.
  6. We then cleaned the filters that are situated leading into the ablution blocks.
  7. At this stage we had the tank and the retic lines filled with the treated water – keeping in mind that as we flushed the system new water was entering the tank via the bore automatically.


Only one word can describe the result … AMAZING!

The next day we tested all the systems once again to find the following:

  1. The showers in the ablution blocks were spraying out at least 1.5 meters from the shower rose where previously the pressure had dropped to almost a dribble … spraying out only 10cm from the rose. Caravan Park residents were very grateful and let us know their appreciation.
  2. The sprinklers around the property were reaching almost twice as far as previously.
  3. The cartridge filters behind the ablution blocks were able to be cleaned simply by hosing them off whereas previously we had to scrape them down and hose a couple of times which took about 30 minutes per filter. Now they can be cleaned in 5 minutes … we may be able to also decrease the frequency of cleaning them.

Being able to treat the water occasionally with CleanOxide to keep the iron and biofilm under control will mean we will not have to replace the retic system, not only saving us the cost of equipment and labour and of course – but importantly our customers in the caravan park will not be interrupted.

I am more than happy to endorse CleanOxide and have any potential customer call me or come and see how it has helped our business.

The whole thing has been done without the need for extra equipment or the replacement of existing equipment … THANK YOU.